A recent study in Ohio has shown that wearing uniforms in high schools can help with graduation rates.

Six schools in large cities across Ohio were part of the study, including schools in Youngstown and Columbus. These schools mandated the wearing of standardized school uniforms.

At the end of the study, it was found that behavior and attendance rates went up dramatically. Also, graduation rates rose a full 11 percent!

Now, overall, grades did not seem to be affected one way of the other simply by students wearing uniforms.

Our favorite school uniform ever!

The researcher behind the study, Virginia Draa of Youngstown State University said, “Uniforms alone do not improve student reading and math proficiency test scores, but they do help in addressing problems with discipline and attendance in a school building.”

Meanwhile in other schools without uniforms, “mean graduation rates dropped 4.6 percent, compared with the earlier years.”

Other studies have shown similar results.

It’s unclear why grades aren’t affected, but it seems to makes sense that attendance and behavior go up when students wear uniforms.

In my eyes it’s because the students are forced into solidarity, whether that be up in arms against the school or as one unified student base. Perhaps it simply has to do with the fact that are wearing nice, clean clothes and the same thing every day.

There’s also the issue of selecting your outfit every day. Every choice we make takes time. When students have to find what they’re going to wear every day it can be a pain. Refer to this article we wrote about how Steve Jobs simplified his life by wearing the same black turtleneck and jeans every single day.

Uniforms can help us keep our minds streamlined. There’s a reason the Army and other armed forces wear uniforms. Among many other reasons, it keeps minds sharp. If everyone was wearing whatever they wanted it could lead to disaster.

Uniformity in schools, while looked down upon by many, can help achieve a unified vision. A group of people in solidarity will no doubt perform better than people in discord.

Of course, that’s just one person’s opinion, and even while I write it I can come up with arguments against school uniforms. But if achieving better discipline in the goal, then uniforms should at least be considered.

What do you think? Have you had any experiences with school uniforms? Did you go to a Catholic or prep school where you had to wear a uniform? Or do you think the mere idea is crazy? Hit us up in the comments…