We’ve talked in a few other blog posts about how your scrubs might be harboring MRSA or similar superbugs.

Well, there are many solutions entering the marketplace right now as far as antimicrobial scrubs go.

A new contender in that field is a company called, oddly, Lango Shels. Lango Shels is headed by former NFL wideout Bert Emmanuel.

Emmanuel says that his company’s secret weapon in antimicrobial scrubs is copper.

In this Click2Houston article Emanuel explained, “Copper as a natural element is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and so when we weave it into the yarns or fabric, it becomes more protective.”

Copper ions can kill 99% of bacteria within 2 hours, according to the EPA.

So Bert’s company designed a new type of scrub with copper weaved into the fabric. His scrubs can also replace lab coats – a type of clothing known for having many pockets and recesses that could possibly harbor nasty germs.

The new type of scrubs has a badge clip, pen holder, custom smartphone pocket and a jewelry clip.

Lango Shels describes it as a Medsuit. As they say on their website, “LUXURY MADE TO MEASURE ANTI-MICROBIAL MEDSUITS“.

As of time of writing the clothing was only available for pre-order via a form. No other info is available on their website as of yet, but we’ll keep you posted.